VOLUNtARY code of practice

1.     GIBFIBRE is a signatory of the telephony and broadband services voluntary code of practice and is working together with the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority in helping to protect its customers. The code can be found at www.gibfibre.com/vcop and is also available on request.

2.     Staff at GIBFIBRE will help you understand the available products and services and are trained to deal with all telephony and broadband queries.

3.     On signing up to a telephony and/or broadband service, our staff will walk you through the relevant application forms, terms and conditions and service level agreements.Copies of the documents are available on request and can be found by accessing www.gibfibre.com/terms/ GIBFIBRE will notify you if any changes are made to the documents provided when signing-up.

4.     Customers will be provided with accurate, up-to-date and meaningful information on telephony and broadband services, or in the case of existing customers, where their service has changed in any way or upgraded/downgraded.

5.     If you have difficulty understanding the products or services that are available (e.g. elderly customers or customers whose first language is not English) staff at GIBFIBRE will provide you with adequate and relevant information about all products and services.

6.     GIBFIBRE has published an accessibility and disability statement on its website which sets out how information regarding its products and services, including all information provided to the majority of customers, is accessible for disabled customers.Our statement can be found at www.gibfibre.com/code-of-practice/

7.     Staff at GIBFIBRE will explain billing procedures and payment methods and inform you when the service will commence and how to contact them in case of any issues with the service.

8.     GIBFIBRE has a complaints and disputes procedure available for customers who have a complaint or wish to raise a dispute. This can be found at www.gibfibre.com/code-of-practice/ and is also available on request.

9.     If you experience a deteriorated broadband service or are a new customer, you may perform a speed test by accessing www.gibfibre.com/home-faq ands electing question 12 of our FAQ. Network performance when using Wi-Fi is generally slower so all tests must be performed by connecting directly to your router using a LAN cable. This constitutes the maximum download speed you will be able to experience on your individual line.

10.   GIBFIBRE will provide you with information on how to make effective use of the services purchased.

11.   If you carry out a speed test using our speed test tool and the bandwidth is less than 85% of the headline advertised and contracted speed for the service, you have purchased then GIBFIBRE will do what it reasonably can to ensure that the access lines peed is at least 85% of the contracted speed within 15 days of you reporting the problem. In addition, where the actual speed as determined by GIBFIBRE is lower than the guaranteed contracted rate for a period of 15 days after the report GIBFIBRE will allow you to end the contract on immediate notice and waive any termination charges that would normally be made.

12.   GIBFIBRE has published additional information on its products and services on its website, please see www.gibfibre.com